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Exceling in newbuilding project management, leveraging our deep understanding of market trends to provide clients with expert guidance and comprehensive support throughout the entire process.


NewBuilding Projects


Total NewBuilding Value

Dedicated Global Teams

Our specialized teams are strategically located around the world, providing localized expertise and support.

Strong Shipyard Relationships

Our long-term relationships with key shipyards give us access to critical information and strategic delivery positions

Industry Expertise

With record investments in the newbuilding sector, we bring unparalleled industry knowledge to every project.

Our Approach

Strategic and forward-looking assessments, empowering clients to make cost-effective decisions throughout the newbuilding process. 

Comprehensive Project Support

From the initial selection of vessel types to ensuring compliance with emerging environmental regulations, informed decision-making is paramount. Our highly experienced and diverse team supports clients in making high-yielding, cost-effective choices, offering comprehensive assistance throughout the entire newbuilding process—from pre-project research to final delivery.

Strategic Presence and Turnkey Solutions

A key to our success is our Shanghai office, which enhances collaboration with major shipyard groups in the Far East. This strategic presence enables us to offer turnkey solutions, including financing options upon request.

Active Monitoring and Consultation

We actively monitor each stage of the project, providing valuable insights and consultation services to enhance both the technical and commercial effectiveness of the vessels. Our role as mediators helps to resolve challenges, ensuring smooth and successful project deliveries.

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