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Market Analysis

Ship Valuations 

Leading the industry in providing accurate and reliable vessel valuations, trusted by vessel owners, banks, insurers, and financial institutions.

As a distinguished Sale & Purchase Broker panelist at the Baltic Exchange, we bring unparalleled depth to our expertise.
Optima goes beyond traditional valuations by offering forward-looking assessments that provide a comprehensive view of the vessel's future value. With our holistic approach we ensure our clients gain a deep and nuanced understanding of their ship's potential market performance and long-term value.

Our Approach

Navigating our partners towards strategic success.

Tailored Valuations

We customize our services to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring maximum relevance and value.

Extensive Specialization

Our experienced team covers the entire spectrum of the shipping and offshore sectors, addressing a wide range of valuation needs.

Timeliness & Accuracy

We prioritize delivering accurate valuations promptly, empowering clients to make informed and confident decisions.

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